1) Why do I need to produce set of Identification documents (ID) ?
As per the Financial service Authority's new fight against money laundering, financial crime and terrorism having your identity checked helps to prevent and detect crime including terrorism and protects you from identification theft.
2) How many ID do I need to provide?

As per the FSA requirements we need to gather ID as below

One-off Transaction Thresholds

Bank Transactions
Thresholds in GBP ID Requirements
Up To £ 800 No ID but Basic Information
£ 800 to £2000 1 ID
£ 2501 to £5000 1 ID
£ 5001 to £12,000 2 ID and Source of Fund
£ 12,001+ 2 ID and Source of Fund + Further Information

3) What types of ID that I need to submit?

If only 1 form of ID is submitted it can be either of the below mentioned documents

  • UK Full Driving License
  • Provisional License + Counter Part
  • Valid UK Visa with work Permit
  • International Passport with UK Valid Visa
  • British Passport
  • Asylum seeker Registration Card

If required to submit second form of ID please send any of the below mentioned documents

  • UK Driving License
  • Posted Recent Bank Statement
  • Current UK Passport
  • Utility Bills (3 Months old)
  • Council letter

We do not accept any private company's bills or declarations e.g. Phone Bills as proof of Identification.